Who We Are


McKool Smith has made major investments in powerful computer and communication tools, and the firm utilizes in-house trial presentation systems, video teleconferencing systems, and graphics creation capabilities. Using our advanced infrastructure, our lawyers and other professionals are able to access billions of pages of digital documents both on-site and remotely, allowing them to manage even the most complex discovery in a cost-effective manner. Each of our professionals has 24-hour, real-time access to this system via desktop computers , home computers, laptops and mobile devices, all provided by the firm.

McKool Smith also hosts secure internet and extranet sites, which allow clients and co-counsel to have remote access to databases relevant to their matters. Our technology outlays reflect our understanding that to be successful, we must continually invest in the tools that improve our performance. Clients benefit from our investments through the improved quality of our legal services and the increased productivity of our professionals which results in higher value and cost efficiency.