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ITC/Section 337 Litigation

Successfully litigating patent infringement cases in the International Trade Commission (ITC) requires a thorough understanding of the ITC’s unique substantive law and procedural rules. Because ITC cases are very likely to proceed to hearing, it is critical to be represented by lawyers that thoroughly understand the ITC and have the trial skills to prevail. Our attorneys have litigated over 65 patent infringement cases before the ITC and hundreds more in federal District Courts; they have the experience necessary to guide clients through these complex disputes.  They also handle proceedings relating to ITC investigations before the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Our ITC practice includes two former ITC senior investigative attorneys who served as lead counsel in many Section 337 investigations involving high-technology litigation, including petitions for temporary relief, gray market cases, and numerous patent cases involving pharmaceutical, electronic, and other technologies.  The team also includes trained engineers, a former ITC law clerk, and numerous seasoned intellectual property trial lawyers with advanced engineering and science degrees. These unique skills and capabilities enhance our understanding of ITC litigation subtleties and enable us to successfully and efficiently achieve our clients’ objectives.

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